Nacimiento:  12-04-1993 Sexo:  Hembra LOE:  555.724

    Ch. Ing. Ch. Ozmilion Admiration
    Ch. Ozmilion Dedication  
  Ch. Ing. & Irl.   Ch. Ozmilion Hearts Desire
  Ch. Ozmilion Sensation    
    Ch. Ing. Ch. Ozmilion Tradition
    Ch. Ozmilion Love Romance  
Ch. C.E.Y.T.     Ch. Ozmilion Hearts Desire
Ch. Rozamie Jason
LOE  502.575   Ch. Ing. Ch. Ozmilion Expectation
    Ch. Ozmilion Invitation  
      Ch. Ozmilion Exageration
  Rozamie Careless Whisper    
      Ch. Ozmilion Distinction
    Rozamie Emotional Desire  
      Rozamie Full of Desire
    Ch. USA Ch. Clarkwyn Jubilee Eagle
    Ch. Jentre's Special Delivery  
  Ch. USA, Esp. & Int.   Ch. Carmate's Sugar Cookie
  Ch. Johnstoy Front Stage Centre    
    Ch. USA Ch. Johnstoy Ridin High
    Ch. Johnstoy Elusive Dream  
      Ch. Pastoral & Jentre's Cats Meow
July Juliana de Villa Rocalla      
LOE  416.097   Ch. Esp. Port. & Int. Ch. Ozmilion Love Obsession of Gaysteps
    Ch. Gaysteps Golden Image  
      Gaysteps Blue Dream
  Desiree du domaine de Monderlay    
      Ch. Royal Flash du domaine de Monderlay
    V'Julie du domaine de Monderlay  
      Ch. Ozmilion True Romance