* Puppie's Bows *



All bows 4 euros each one

Ref. C-001-V Ref. C-002-V Ref. C-003-V




Ref. C-004-V Ref. C-005-V Ref. C-006-V




Ref. C-007-V Ref. C-008-V Ref. C-009-V



Ref. C-010-V Ref. C-011-V Ref. C-012-V




Ref. C-013-V Ref. C-014-V Ref. C-015-V



Ref. C-016-V Ref. C-017-V Ref. C-018-V




Ref. C-019-V Ref. C-020-V Ref. C-021-V



Ref. C-022-V Ref. C-023-V Ref. C-024-V





Owner:  Natalia González


Ref. C-025-V Ref. C-026-V Ref. C-027-V



Ref. C-028-V Ref. C-029-V Ref. C-030-V



Ref. C-031-V Ref. C-032-V Ref. C-033-V




Ref. C-034-V Ref. C-035-V Ref. C-036-V




Ref. C-037-V Ref. C-038-V Ref. C-039-V




Ref. C-040-V Ref. C-041-V Ref. C-042-V





Owner:  Natalia González


Ref. C-043-V Ref. C-044-V Ref. C-045-V




Ref. C-046-V Ref. C-047-V Ref. C-048-V



Ref. C-049-V Ref. C-050-V Ref. C-051-V




Ref. C-052-V Ref. C-053-V Ref. C-054-V




Ref. C-055-V Ref. C-056-V  Ref. C-057-V
"Exclusive model"





 Ref. C-058-V Ref. C-059-V Ref. C-060-V 


Ref. C-061-V Ref. C-062-V Ref. C-063-V


Ref. C-064-V Ref. C-065-V Ref. C-066-V


 Ref. C-067-V


 Ref. C-068-V


Ref. C-069-V


Ref. C-001 Ref. C-002 Ref. C-003




Ref. C-004 Ref. C-005 Ref. C-006




Ref. C-007 Ref. C-008 Ref. C-009




Ref. C-010 Ref. C-011 Ref. C-012




Ref. C-013 Ref. C-014 Ref. C-015




Ref. C-016 Ref. C-017 Ref. C-018




Ref. C-019 Ref. C-020 Ref. C-021




Ref. C-022 Ref. C-023 Ref. C-024




Ref. C-025 Ref. C-026 Ref. C-027




Ref. C-028 Ref. C-029 Ref. C-030




Ref. C-031 Ref. C-032 Ref. C-033




Ref. C-034 Ref. C-035 Ref. C-036

Ref. C-037 Ref. C-038 Ref. C-039




Ref. C-040 Ref. C-041 Ref. C-042




Ref. C-043 Ref. C-044 Ref. C-045




  Ref. C-046   Ref. C-047   Ref. C-048




  Ref. C-049


  Ref. C-050






We send the bows perfectly packed by Air Mail.

Add 4 euros for national mail (Spain) and 7 euros for international mail.

If you order several bows, you only pay post and packing once.

If you live in Gran Canaria you can come to my home

to get them and save money in post.

If you have any additional questions about shipping, please email me.

International Payments only by PAYPAL

( PAYPAL payments will have 4% more of the total of order for commissions)




Send an Email with your order:

Or phone me (only in spanish):

34-654 61 74 60